Gift a "scarf making kit"

Gift a "scarf making kit"


This is a perfect gift for any child!  The scarf making kit includes an 8x10 canvas, brushes, paints, and a voucher to have a custom printed headscarf of their masterpiece created.  

Shipping fees will apply for the kit.  The kit can be shipped anywhere within the US.  Please indicate the child's name and address in the shipping section.

The artwork can be printed on the following products: head scarf, bandana, headband or neck scarf.  The child can choose their product type upon receipt of the artwork. 

This kit is also available for donation.  If you would like to donate a kit to Lurie Children's Hospital, please visit our "Donate" page.  

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Directions will be included in how to submit jpegs of the artwork for printing.  We will accept a photo of any prior artwork, not just the painted artwork on the gifted canvas.