How It's Made: It's as easy as 1, 2, 3!

Once you've received our donation, follow the 3 steps below.

1. Paint or draw a picture on the canvas provided (or a piece of paper).  For best printing results, fill up your canvas, covering most of the white space with paint.  Be sure to sign the masterpiece (hint: black sharpie pens work best).

2. Take a picture with a smartphone or digital camera.

3. Email the high resolution photo to

Tips on how to best capture your finished artwork

Once you take your photo, please ensure follow the steps below.  These instructions help to optimize image quality for printing. 

  1. Confirm your image size is a minimum of 3000x2000 resolution.  To determine resolution, click on the image and choose "Get Info" to confirm.  
  2. Select  "Actual size" for the "Image size."  This ensures the image is a full-resolution uncompressed, original file which works best for printing.