Helping children smile, one painting at a time.

Coming Up Rosies was inspired by Rosie's dream to help "kids who look like me."  

At two and a half, Rosie was diagnosed with Alopecia, an autoimmune disease that attacks the hair follicles which results in baldness.  Instead of focusing on fixing her baldness, we shifted to raising a little girl who loves herself unconditionally, hair or no hair.   We doubled-down on activities like painting, where she bubbled with pride in her natural ability.  Every time she’d thrust a still-wet painting at us -- “Look at my flower!” -- we wished we could bottle up that pride and sprinkle it over her during the bad days.

The idea came out of the blue: why not transfer some of her most-prized paintings onto a head scarf? Not only would she have a beautiful head scarf to wear on days she didn’t feel like inviting comments or stares, but the scarf would be her own work. People would be commenting on Rosie’s scarf - her art -- instead of her loss. We surprised her with a head scarf we’d had made using one of her more favored paintings. She was overjoyed, and quickly blurted out, “What about the other bald kids? We should make these for all the bald kids who look like me. Can we do that?”

Just like that, Rosie changed a little gift into an inspiration and a mission, something we never would have dreamed up ourselves.

Today, we have grown into a 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization.  We donate Scarf Making Kits to hospitals and charity organizations around world for children to create their own custom head or neck scarves.  Our dream is to expand to all Children’s Hospitals in the US to restore confidence and pride to anyone struggling with low self-esteem, especially bald children.  Our vision is a world where every child goes to sleep proud of their differences.

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